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Ben Stiller's portroid connections ...
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Portroids: Al Franken

Al Franken

Al and Ben both worked on Saturday Night Live in 1989.

Alan Tudyk

Alan was the pirate guy in Dodgeball, in which Ben was the rival gym owner.

They both also had roles on Arrested Development, though not in the same episode. One episode after the other, if you'll take that as some sort of connection. Well, will you?

Portroids: Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet

Amanda and Ben starred together in an Off-Broadway play called This Is How It Goes in 2005.

Portroids: Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew and Ben both starred in a movie called Fresh Horses in 1988.

Another indirect connection (if we're going to start making connections of the indirect variety) is that both Ben and Andrew starred in Off-Broadway plays written by Neil LaBute. That seems too indirect, so ignore it. It won't happen again.

Portroids: Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal

Billy and Ben are both SNL alumni - though not at the same time. They also both did guest spots on Friends - again, not at the same time. I'm really stretching here, aren't I?

Portroids: Catherine O'Hara

Catherine O'Hara

Catherine and Ben were both in the movie Orange County in 2002. Ben's role as the firefighter was uncredited, but that doesn't mean he wasn't in it, so it counts.

Portroids: Cedric Yarbrough

Cedric Yarbrough

Cedric and Ben were both in the movie Meet the Fockers in 2004. Cedric's role in the film was small and didn't last for long, but he was there. I saw him. I was all like, "Hey, it's Jonesy from Reno 911!" Ben's role in the film was much more substantial.

They both also did guest spots on Arrested Development ... but not in the same episode. Look, I'm probably going to make these kind of connections, so just get used to it, OK?

Portroids: Chris Kattan

Chris Kattan

Chris and Ben were both on Saturday Night Live. I don't even want to hear it. I know they weren't on during the same seasons, but who cares anymore? They were both on the show!

Portroids: David Wain

David Wain

David and Ben both appeared in the film Keeping The Faith in 2000. David had one line, but it was a powerful line that.

David also had a part in Ben's movie Along Came Polly in 2004 as the wedding videographer, though I think his part got cut because I don't remember seeing him (and I've keen eyes). He might be in the deleted scenes.

Ben also did some stand-up with David's comedy group STELLA back in the late 1990s.

Portroids: Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald played himself in the 2001 Ben Stiller film Zoolander. You'll be happy to know that Ben wrote, directed, and acted in this movie. Donald just played himself.

Portroids: Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard

Eddie and Ben were both in the movie Mystery Men back in 1999. I did not see this movie, but that shouldn't stop you from seeing it. Maybe I'll rent it. I like Eddie Izzard and I like Ben Stiller and they were both in it, so ...

Portroids: Fred Willard

Fred Willard

Fred and Ben were both in the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy in 2004. Ben had only a minor cameo in the film (it's usually the other way around on this list).

They were both also in a movie I never heard of called Nobody Knows Anything! in 2003. I never heard of it.

Fred and Ben were also in Permanent Midnight in 1998.

I hope you don't think this list is going to be "comprehensive", because I'm much too lazy for that kind of work. I will tell you that Fred showed up on The Ben Stiller Show back in 1993, but that's all I'll tell you.

Portroids: Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman

Gene and Ben were both in a movie that I like that I like to call The Royal Tenenbaums (in 2001). That's a good movie. You should see it. If you've already seen it, didn't you like it? I did.

Greg Behrendt

Greg and Ben both had appearances in the movies The Independent (from Y2K) and Run Ronnie Run (from Y2K2). I'm sure they probably met either on the set or else elsewhere in their lives. I probably could've asked either one of them, but it just didn't enter my mind. I suppose I should be more mindful in the future.

Portroids: Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo

Janeane and Ben have collaborated on so many projects. How many? So many. They wrote a book together, they were on a TV show together, they've been in a bunch of movies together. It's like they love to work together. I'm not going to list even one of the projects by name. I'm just not going to do it. Sorry. Don't beg. It's beneath you.

Portroids: Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman

Jason starred in two of Ben's latest movies: Starsky and Hutch in 2004 and Dodgeball, also in 2004.

Also, Ben showed up in two episodes of Jason's show Arrested Development in Season 2. Jason asked me if I'd seen the episodes Ben was in and I had to admit that I hadn't. Jason thinks I need to catch up on Arrested Development episodes, and I think Jason should maybe stop butting into my life.

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff and Ben were both in the movie Run Ronnie Run. They also both did voices for Robbie the Reindeer - Legend of the Lost Tribe.

I bet they'll work together again sometime. I won't bet money, just reputation (and since you already have a bad reputation, you've got nothing to lose).


Portroids: Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey and Ben starred together in an Off-Broadway play called This Is How It Goes in 2005. This text was mostly taken from the Amanda Peet connection above, as she was also in this production.

Portroids: Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy appeared in a series of shorts written and directed and acted in by Ben called Elvis Stories in 1989.

Portroids: Kirk Fox

Kirk Fox

Kirk and Ben both appear in the 2003 film Pauly Shore Is Dead.

Liev Schreiber

OK, I'll be the first to admit this will be a weak connection, but I wanted to make one nonetheless. Both Liev and Ben did stand-up with the comedy group STELLA during their run at Fez Under Time Cafe.

There, I did it. I made a weak connection. I'm weak. I know this.

Portroids: Matt Groening

Matt Groening

Ben guest starred on The Simpsons, which is a creation of Matt's. That's gotta count for something.

Portroids: Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black

Ben did some stand-up with Michael's comedy group STELLA back in the late 1990s. I don't see any other connections. Not directly anyway. But, I'm not privvy to all activities by either Ben or Michael, so don't blame me if I've missed something. I'm only human. Of flesh and blood I'm made.

Portroids: Michael Showalter

Michael Showalter

This may come as somewhat of a surprise, but Ben did some stand-up with Michael's comedy group STELLA back in the late 1990s.

Portroids: Mike Reiss

Mike Reiss

Mike has been many things regarding The Simpsons. Writer. Producer. Show runner. Animated character. Other stuff. Ben guest starred on The Simpsons.

There is also a connection to a show called Brilliant But Cancelled, in which both appear. I don't think they "worked together" on this show though, so ... think what you will. What I'm saying is ... draw your own conclusions.

Portroids: Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane

Nathan and Ben both appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm. That's a good show.

Portroids: Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt

Patton was in Run Ronnie Run, Zoolander, and Starsky and Hutch. If you haven't yet figured out the trend of this page, I'll tell you that Ben Stiller was somehow associated with these movies too. It's kind of a theme.

Philip Baker Hall

Both Ben and Philip appreared in the fourth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I know Philip had a lot of fun working on the show (or so he told me). I didn't ask Ben about it, so your guess is as good as mine (unless you guess differently than I do - then your guess is kind of crap - in my opinion).

Ricky Gervais

Ben did a guest spot in one episode of Ricky's new BBC2/HBO show Extras. I think that's the only time they've worked together.

Ben was not in the hit show The Office. Ricky was not in the hit movie Meet The Parents. Maybe they'll work again together some other time. I don't have a time machine to check future projects, so ...


Portroids: Thomas Lennon

Thomas Lennon

Tom and Ben, separately, appeared on episodes of the television program entitled "Friends". It's about these typical New Yorkers who live and love with a little help from their friends (it's Joe Cocker-ish). You should see it if you want to know exactly what it's like to live in New York City. Intense, really.

Ben also appeared on Tom's show Viva Variety.

Portroids: Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong

Chong and Stiller (the famous duo) worked together on the film Pauly Shore Is Dead (which is actually not true - it's true that they were both in the movie, but I don't know if they worked "together" on the movie, and what isn't true is that Pauly Shore is dead. He's not.)


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