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Intro Page

go here to see a page that is intended to lead you to other pages

it also says when the site was last updated

so it's not totally worthless

Flash Page: Year One

this is where it all began

the original flash page of all the portroids I took from october 24, 2003 to october 23, 2004

see them here in a flash environment

Flash Page: Year Two

this is where it all continued.

the flash page of all the portroids I took from october 24, 2004 to october 23, 2005

see them here, like you saw them in year one (in a flash environment)

HTML Page: Year One

this is for people who:

1) want to see year one portroids, but can't be bothered to use flash

2) want to see all the pretty pictures lined up five in a row

3) got here using google or yahoo or some other image search and don't know any better (welcome)

HTML Page: Year Two

ditto above, except substitute "year two" for "year one"

now you're getting the hang of it

HTML Page: Celebrities

if you aren't searching for a picture of yourself

you're probably trying to find celebrity pictures

you're in luck, because we pander to you

we always pander to you


let's say you want to know what's new with portroids

or maybe what's old with portroids

go here to find out

Content Pages

so you've seen the pictures and want to read more about some of the things you've seen

right here is the only place to find all the places to do just that

seems unfair, doesn't it?

click the below links to read some stuff I wrote about some stuff

STELLA comedy

*NEW* Ben Stiller *NEW*

Rick DeMint

Reginal Lankster

Lonica Halley

more to come (I hope - as this is pretty pathetic)


this means frequently asked questions

most of the questions therein have never been asked

it should be called f.u.q. (frequently unasked questions)

but people's fine sensibilities might get damaged if we call it that

because people are babies sometimes


blog is a really dumb word

it's short for weblog, which is already pretty short

people don't like to use more than one syllable at a time

read about recent portroids here

it's not only about portroids though, it's also about other things

it's mostly about other things

Contact Us

imagine you want to contact "us"

click here and all your dreams of contacting "us" will come true

"us" is parenthetical because it's really just "me"

I don't know why "me" is parenthetical

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